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A weekly exploration of the past, present and future of the Latino musical universe.

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Catalina Maria Johnson, the host and producer of Beat Latino is also a feature writer for HOY (Tribune Media), Revista Contratiempo, Arte y Vida and Gozamos, and a contributor to the Official Afropop World-Wide blog.

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Welcome to Planet Esperanto on Beat Latino!

This week Beat Latino takes a different turn! I was inspired by a new album by Captain Planet titled “Esperanto Slang” which led me to reflect on the “invented” language of Esperanto, created with the hopes of bringing peace and unity to all of us by allowing us to easily communicate via a universal language.

Well, it was a wonderful idea, but unfortunately never quite took off.

Nevertheless, musicians successfully communicate in a universal language all the time, and this week we share tunes new and old in which musicians from outside Latino traditions sing in Spanish or build upon Latin melodies and rhythms; or conversely, Latin musicians that occasionally foray to sing in languages other than their native tongue.

1pm CST on Vocalo!

#beatlatino #esperanto #musicistheuniversallanguage

Feature Photo: Captain Planet by Koury Angely, courtesy of the artist

This week’s Beat Latino is a “probadita”- just a taste of wonderful music in Portuguese from the lands that share cultural, historical and linguistic ancestors with us in Latin America and Europe.

I’ll share a sampler of music born in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, as sailors far from family and Africans torn from their lands and loved one created music to soothe their souls; as well as delightful melodies for celebrations and gatherings. #Samba from Brazil, #Fado from Portugal, #Semba from Angola, #Morna from Cabo Verde and more in this week’s #BeatLatino dedicated to our Familia Kreol.

Tune in Sunday at 11 am on!

Feature Photo: Mariza by Isabel Pinto

I sing the body electronic! Today on Beat Latino!

It’s an hour of the newest Latin electronically-created vibes and grooves from Ecuadorian trance-dance to shimmering Argentinean soundscapes to pounding Colombian coastal beats to set your body moving!

C’mon and take a paseo with the vanguardia, musical trailblazers from Latin America and the Latino USA. 

Tune in 1pm #BeatLatino! 

Feature photo: Chancha via Circuito by Pedro Quintans

This week #BeatLatino takes a paseo around the world to explore the global side of Latino! Pictured are Ibeyi, French-Cuban twins and daughters of the superb Afrocuban percussionist Miguel ‘Angá’ Díaz, who like many of the artists in this week’s Beat Latino take their Latino roots to the most surprising places - Brazil, Morocco, Turkey, Portugal and beyond. #beyondcategories! Tune in 1pm today Friday!

It’s time to get seriously groooooovy! Retro sounds old and new on this week’s Beat Latino! From Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, New York and all over the Latino musical universe, starting in the 50’s and continuing ‘til today,  alma latina seriously infused the #SOUL movement and created some tasty, swinging tunes. Get ready to shingalin, bugalñu and boogie to the beat! #beatlatino on Vocalo at 1pm Friday, Sunday repeats at 11am. 

Feature photo: Cover of Sensacional Soul, Vampisoul Records

This week on Beat Latino, a preview of upcoming music LIVE in Chicago for this Fall. and YAY here’s a new way to listen to #BeatLatino and all the great radio on! We have (another) brand new signal 91.1fm! Great coverage on North and South Sides of Chicago. added to  90.7fm on the West Side, and 89.5fm in NW Indiana. 

Featured photo: La Yegros, coming to World Music Festival in September.

Back to basics on #beatlatino today! Tune in now nuevo #folk from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and more! Singer-songwriters with lots of new rhythmic twists taking folk to places it’s never been before! 

! but#notyourgrandmascumbia #beatlatino this week is all about nueva #cumbia.! We love the cumbia! North or south, no matter from which side of the border and all around the world, the cumbia has been the musical heartbeat of Latino music for the better part of several centuries! Our 21st century has its own flavors of cumbia, and that’s what this weeks Beat Latino is all about! Tune in 1pm on Vocalo!

Feature photo: Kumbia Queers, courtesy of the artist

It’s an eclectic mix of magical tunes, on this weeks #beatlatino, as we explore new music from Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, México and more! Whether #tango to# trova, from electronica to #flamenco to punk #mariachi, we’ve got your beat! Tune in to Vocalo,org at 1pm CST!

feature photo: Monica Giraldo, by Yeremi Vega

Nuestras mujeres del hip hop! 
Tune in to this week’s Beat Latino as we share rapping, rhyming, wonderful women. Truly the musical poets of our time! From Cuba to Chile to México, it’s time for the chicas  to take center stage. Women of hip hop on #beatlatino 1pm Vocalo!

Foto: Danay Suárez